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Forskolin extract is widely used for treating heart disorders and as supplement for weight loss program. To the information regarding this extract is quite tedious. Many blogs and website are there mentioning the details of forskolin.

This blog has the complete description of the forskolin extract, goodness, and warning as how to choose the brand.

Summary of the forskolin official blog

Science of forskolin

This is derived from the herb coleus forskohlii. This mint kind of plant is widely grown in Asian countries. The extract shows effects on cell regulating substance known as cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)

How can the medicine be used in weight loss program

The increment of cAMP enhances the burning of fatty acids in the body hence result in effective weight loss.

Effects of forskolin

The product can help in treating asthma and eczema. Also researches have shown that forskolin extract improves the health condition of cardiovascular problems. Vision related problems such as glaucoma is also treated by this extract. The product too helps in tanning of the skin.

Research details of the product aids in weight loss

It stimulates lipolysis, which speeds the breakdown of fat in the body. A study was done in 2001 where in the product is given to six women and closely watch. Results showed that nearly 8% of fat was decreased. Another research was done in 2005 for 30 men, this too showed similar result.


Apart from consuming the medicine, food with low fat, high protein must be consumed. Lifestyle must be changed which leads to various health benefits. Have a good sleep, balanced diet to get good results.


mentions to takes 25mg to 300mg per day to see effective results. Medicine to be taken in empty stomach. Take the drug as per the doctor advice.